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Workbook #9 Advanced Monograms


Sue Green-Baker and Karen LaMendola have teamed together to create Inspiration Software Skill Building Workbooks. This ongoing series of workbooks will guide you on how to use Perfect Embroidery Professional Software. Not only will you become more familiar with the software features but you'll gain skills that will enable you to do more with your software and embroidery machine.

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Product Description

Using this workbook you’ll learn how to:

  • Using a “Applique Shape” from the PEP software catalog
  • How to fine tune the applique stitching on the points and curves
  • How to applique fabric to the applique shape using the built-in fabric catalogs
  • How to make an applique using a block letter alphabet
  • How to make a two color applique block letter
  • How to color sort the letter appliqués so they stitch properly in the correct color order to reduce color changes
  • How to use the custom décor elements to make a monogram
  • How to create a custom oval shape and apply a decorative motif stitch to the oval shape.
  • How to edit the oval shape to remove sections of the motif stitches
  • How to break apart a ready made design to use it’s elements to decorate your monogram
  • How to edit the elements into a single design and change the colors
  • How to add a three initial monogram to the custom oval and decorative elememts into a single monogram
  • How to custom edit built-in monogram designs
  • How to add elegant details to the custom monogram
  • How to edit the whole design so it sews in the proper order
  • How to add a custom shape to the monogram lettering


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