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Workbook #5 Stained Glass Applique


Sue Green-Baker and Karen LaMendola have teamed together to create Inspiration Software Skill Building Workbooks. This ongoing series of workbooks will guide you on how to use Perfect Embroidery Professional Software. Not only will you become more familiar with the software features but you’ll gain skills that will enable you to do more with your software and embroidery machine.

You will use the backdrop tool to create an stained glass applique. Various pieces of artwork will be used and combined into a single piece of artwork. You will create an applique satin stitch and a run stitch.


Product Description

Using this workbook you’ll learn how to:

  • Use the Backdrop feature
  • Use the artwork tools to trace
  • Edit the artwork
  • Combine artwork sections into a single artwork tracing
  • Apply an applique satin stitch
  • Apply a run stitch
  • Use Slow Redraw


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