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Workbook #14 Embossed Monogramming


Sue Green-Baker and Karen LaMendola have teamed together to create Inspiration Software Skill Building Workbooks. This ongoing series of workbooks will guide you on how to use Perfect Embroidery Professional Software. Not only will you become more familiar with the software features but you’ll gain skills that will enable you to do more with your software and embroidery machine.

Workbook 14: Embossed Monogramming

Embossed monograms can be very simple or very detailed and show off best on fabrics with a deep pile, such as towels and fleece. They are almost always made using color on color techniques. Once the principles of creating this type of embroidery is understood, making the design is very basic. Parts of the terry or fabric pile is exposed and other areas are sewn flat with heavy/dense stitching. The design below has only four elements. They take a considerable amount of embroidery sewing time even though they have simple parts.

In this lesson, you will create your own embossed monograms. Once you learn the basics of making these monograms, the sky is the limit for adding your own creativity.


Product Description

Using this workbook you’ll learn how to:

  • How to select the correct font
  • Different between True Type Font (TTF) and Built-In Fonts
  • How to select the correct size of font
  • Editing the font
  • Selecting the background embossing pattern
  • Using a standard fill for the embossing
  • Using a motif fill for the embossing
  • Aligning multiple elements of the monogram together
  • Create multiples design elements to build the monogram
  • Custom made frames using the trim command
  • Using a motif fill as a frame
  • Quickly center the design with one click on the workspace
  • See different options for the same monogram


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